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Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Not all the time you may have sufficient cargo to stuff a full container. Do not let it be an impediment to make your smaller shipments in a programmed way. Using cargo consolidation you will be able to cover the same routes at a smaller costs. Regular shipments from China, USA, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Panama and other countries.

Full Container Load (FCL)

If your purchases are high volumes we can transport your container of 20´, 40´, 40HC and 45´from more than 400 ports around the world to the main ports in our country: La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Guanta, Maracaibo, El Guamache, Guaranao and Palúa.

Air Cargo

When the most important factor for you is the transit time of your shipments, we can offer you fast solutions using cargo aircrafts, passenger aircrafts and chartered planes from over 300 airports around the world to the main airports of our country: Caracas(CCS), Valencia(VLN), Barcelona(BLA) and Maracaibo(MAR).

Cargo Insurance

Insure your cargoes in one working day. Before cargo dispatch, or during transit, it is possible to insure your shipments with an All Risks Police with door to door coverage through our online access to a Canadian Insurance company, re-assured in London.


If you want to load non hazardous liquids in an efficient and low cost manner a flexitank is a great solution for you. We represent the manufactures of the flexitanks, no intermediaries.

Project Cargo

For cargoes out of the conventional sizes and weights we are able to offer you project consultancy in order to indicate you the best suitable option in the market , it does not matter if your cargo is over dimentioned or extra weight, there is always an available solution to transport it in a safe way without any damages.

Cargo Gathering, Packing and Labeling

If you have several providers in the same country, we can offer you the gathering service of all your shipments, consolidate all in one shipment. We can also offer re-packaging, labelling, plastic wrapping and photographic reports. Service available in over 60 countries.

Logistic Consultant

In transportation there is not always the same way to perform. Please let us advise you to indicate you which is the safest and most economic way to move your cargo.

DAP/DDP Shipments

Concentrate yourself 100% in the main activity of your business, while others work for you in function to fulfill your logistics requirements with only one Provider. Door to Door Shipments.


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